Song: Sunra
Band: Stashbox
Producer: Dean Palermo
Series: Stashbox Spotify Canvas Video

Record Label: Elettro Records

Information around the NFT available for sale at


NFT Title:
Spotify Canvas Video for SunRa Song by Stashbox Video by Dean Palermo from the Stashbox Spotify Canvas Series #8

NFT Description:
NFT #8 from the growing NFT Stashbox Spotify Canvas series collection of all the Stashbox Spotify canvas videos.  Stashbox’s #1 song on Spotify’s Canvas video is now available in NFT format.  Follow up to the premiere release in the series of all of the Stashbox music song releases have a Spotify canvas, they will be part of this NFT Collection. Make sure you see what additional items come with your NFT purchase.

Unlockable Content
Contact to see what special items are available to you from your purchase of this NFT. Its constantly being enhanced as we create more NFTs. Contact Stashbox or Elettro for more information. &  When you email send a copy of the transaction of what you purchsed and when included in your message.

Stashbox Music and Visual Art Collection

18 songs



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