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Booking Contact
Dean Palermo
310.408.6687 EST

Stashbox EPK info and Setlist


Booking Contact
Dean Palermo
310.408.6687 EST

When a venue books Stashbox, this is our intended promotional plan

Our Sponsorship – Blackwell Rum
Currently Stashbox is sponsored by Blackwell Rum locally distributed by National/BreakThrew.  So each show we book we lean on them for some additional promotion budget or cool free stuff like t-shirts.  

What we have been doing is for venues that don’t carry Blackwell Rum yet, they buy a few bottles from local distributor, and make a drink special called the Stashbox Slammer, then we additionally promote it when we promote the show and during the show reminding people to buy more drinks.  Additionally, sometimes we have a beautiful model come to our shows who has 2.5 Million likes on Facebook and 333k followers on Instagram, and she goes live, takes selfies and tags the event, where its located etc, so a real nice social media bump.

Elettro Facebook Social Share Page Network 

Dean from Stashbox owns a web development and social media marketing company.  So Stashbox benefits from this with smart / professional social media marketing. 

Stashbox shows are shared on all of these Facebook pages, a network of approx. 50+ fan pages.  Stashbox are also CO-hosted by many of these pages as well, this expands the exposure of the event. 

Stashbox events are co-hosted on Tahiti Cora is sharing our events on her Facebook page with 2.5 Million fans. We’ve been getting an increase in traffic and new page likes.

Stashbox video tapes all their shows and then makes either montage video and/or some single song videos that are then posted in perpetuity on social media with venue burned into the video. 



Example Facebook Event Co-Host List a Stashbox Show


What you get when you book the band Stashbox 

The core of the group is band leader Dean Palermo on guitar and lead singer Josh Clyde singing & strumming a guitar.  

Our typical setup is a 4-piece band.  Drums, Bass, Two Guitars & Vocals.

Lead Singer / Guitarist – Josh Clyde
Guitarist / Singer – Dean Palermo

Bass & Drums depends on the schedule, we have some AMAZING musicians we do shows with.

Reggae, Classic Rock, Fun Rap, Blues, Classics, Improvised Jams, Slide leads, and a lil’ country


All our shows are promoted across this network of Facebook Fan pages includes events shared on the these featured pages

  • Tahiti Cora – 2.5 Million Likes Facebook & 333k Followers Instagram
  • Reggae.Land – 57,000+ likes
  • Blues.Land – popular all local musicians page
  • Inner Circle – 200,000+ likes
  • Jacob Miller – 210,000 likes
  • Cora Lifestyle 17,000+ likes and a dozen more

We collected some cool testimonials I’d love for you to see from people like international industry heavy weight Jon Phillips (Owner of SilverBack Management in LA, Guy who literally discovered Sublime and got them their record deal, and manager of like 10 big internationally tours bands like Fishbone & Slightly Stoopid.)

About The Band Stashbox

Dean Palermo and Josh Clyde have been regularly playing music together at all the venues listed below starting about 6 years back, with an interest in both Reggae AND Classic Rock along with Josh’s exciting front man improv rap adds to our mix, this gets people pumped up, excited, dancing, drinking and grooving.  We’ve always been asked back wherever we’ve done shows.  We have been the only band to perform 1-2 times a month regularly at the Harbor Beach Marriott Pool and large catered event area on big holidays for the last few years.  We are a fun uplifting, high energy fun music that people who are already having a good time, we help them have a GREAT time. We get people moving and dancing, and because of our flexible approach we have to a lot of the music we are able to keep grooves going when people are really rocking. We feed off of people’s positive energy and try and give it back.

We are interested in performing in places with crowds and venues.  Our wide range of music varies from Sublime to Classic Reggae to Classic Rock cover songs, and some newer rock songs.  Because our singer can versatilely sing, rap, and improvise so well, we are able cover rap, country, blues, rock, hard-core rock style songs well and can do all in a fun way that people can grove and dance to the music.


We are used to performing to a very wide general audience range of age groups and to people from all over the world. We know how to shift our show to fit our audience.


Our youthful and energetic lead singer Josh brings soul, intensity and fun to wherever he goes, he identifies with younger audiences as well as the audiences of the classics. By day singer josh is the “Sandman” #1 South Florida’s international corporate sand logo, sand sculpture and muralist artist. Part of our magic is our interaction with audience and our ability to add personalized-in-the-moment improvisation rap/singing/banter usually involving various audience members keep people engaged as well as mystified by his ability to flow in the moment. He gives us a fun band personality definitely, that we think is alluring and relevant enough to be asking if you are interested in assisting us with booking gigs.


Primary Guitarist and Singer Dean Palermo absolutely shreds on guitar, tasteful blistering leads, laid back funk with a touch of a Jeff Beck type of out-there leads and a classic Reggae chop, Dean had the privilege of working direct with Toots and the Maytals ‘inventor’ of Reggae band for over 15 years and produces tracks with the esteemed Stephen Marley World Touring drummer Squidly Cole.  Whenever Squidly is off tour with the Marleys he’s typically in South Florida in sessions at Stashbox Studios producing Music with Dean Palermo.  If we have shows when he’s in south Florida he then is available to sit in at our shows and we get one of the most amazing treats having THE MARLEY FAMILY official drummer perform with us. 

The lead guitarist orchestrates the music and guides people through a really juicy classic songs and creative unique ways to cover songs. The band can really jam and elevate musical moments that people achieve at LARGE VENUE CONCERTS typically by well accomplished expert musicians. We are soulful and always look for those magical moments that is possible with live music performance. 


  • Jermane Dukes 
  • Maurice Dukes
  • Steve J ”Meatball” Marinaro
    A phenomenal wide spectrum of styles drummer, one of the very few drummers that is completely comfortable in Reggae beats AND rock beats.  Thats rare, we absolutely enjoy performing with him. 
  • Eddie Gresely
    A local powerhouse drummer that is the long time Thursday Cagney’s house drummer, drummer in Monster, and a handful of other bands, a teacher at school of rock, also a budding guitarist and a stellar singer.  
  • Marc Robin
    Grateful Dead specialist, very experienced Blues / Rock Cover band drummer last band was Fifth Wheel
  • Lance Dominic
    A solid rock drummer who performs regularly at Funky Biscuit Mondays and with all of the highest quality musicians in south Florida


  • Super Bassist — Gary “Gmoney” Williams
    The Gem of South Florida, one of the funkiest slap bassists that is one of the most fun energetic people at a show, its ALWAYS a better night because GMoney is there.  He absolutely amazing. He steps out for solos and thats when all the phones come flying out wherever we play, whenever he takes a solo.  He literally turns heads and leaves people in AHHH.  And when he’s not soloing he’s so properly and tastefully adding to the music in some of the most beautiful ways.    
  • Mike Ancona
    Mike runs the Wednesday blues jam at the famous Kelly’s pub, he plays in a variety of classic blues bands including the Peter Roland band which Dean Palermo is currently producing their latest recordings at Stashbox Studios. 
  • Ed G
    An interesting blues of slap funk with solid rock chops that can hop from a country beat to a reggae beat and everything in between.  He does his homework and is one of our best most solid bassists. 
  • James Letts
    Not only is James a solid bassist very passionate about music, James is also a lead singing guitarist of Harder Rock bank Enslave The Robots. He’s such a great sport at all times we truly enjoy performing with James.
  • Pat Fent
    The tall long haired blonde Kansas tornado Pat is a big stage presence.  He performs 6 nights a week with surf bands Six Foot Sweel and The Rockaways as well as a few dozen other bands and is at live jams weekly constantly working on making himself a better player.  This Rock Punk Country guy has been expanding his musical palette with Stashbox, he’s been loving it, and we enjoy his playing.


I have a few additional sometimes available incredible musicians for shows with budget, and their availability.

  • Rockin’ Jake – Top national touring harp player from South Florida.
  • Peter Roland – Top ace blues guitarist who currently is in Kat Riggins Blues Revival USA band. 
  • Squidly Cole, the singing drummer/producer, Jamaica’s famous world touring drummer of Stephen Marley & Most Marley family gigs. Literally basically when he’s not playing at the largest festivals around the world with the Marleys, and he’s working on tracks in south Florida with me, when not on the road, we got’em, which is always a incredible night when we can have him even if just to sit in.
  • More rarely, Carl Harvey, lead guitarist from Toots and the Maytals, if we catch him in town with an open night he has jammed with us a handful of times here in South Florida.
  • We have Michael Hoffman keyboardist and conga player John David when need to add them on when there is budget for them. The keyboardist is also a professional studio engineer & pro sound man (and B-3 Owner).
  • Christopher Meredith – Stephen Marley’s bassist 30+ year Marley bassist with drummer Squidly Cole.


We have our own ProTools Recording Studio, and we have very frequent sessions jamming out material and recording songs for distribution.  We have had 90+ Sessions in 2019 in the studio, we are VERY passionate and love playing the best music possible.   Stashbox has had over 20+ studio sessions in Jan/Feb in 2020, they love making music! 

in 2019 Stashbox released its first professional single on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and many other international distribution platforms. 

Growing South Florida Venue List where we have performed

RIP’s Music Lounge – Pompano Beach, Florida
Crazy Uncle Mike’s –
Boca Raton, Florida (w/Lancelot’s Knights)
Caribbean Club – Key Largo, Florida
Norb’s Moonshine – Pompano, Florida
Tarpon River Brewery – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Seascape Marina and Resort – Florida Keys near Marathon Key
Big Dawgs 2 – Davie, Florida
Jo-Baby’s –
Davie, Florida
– Delray, Florida 
5 O’Clock Charlies in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida
Silver Ball Museum in Delray, Florida
Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida
O’Malleys in Margate, Florida
Atlantic Bay Resort – Tavernier Key, Florida Keys
Suite Spot Studios
in Hollywood, Florida & Palm Beach, Florida
Music Over – Montesilvano, Italy
Stashbox Studios – Davie, Florida



Original Stashbox Music



Stashbox – South Florida Based Live Band 

Fun, energetic and audience-engaging live band that is flexible and plays to the room. If  people want to dance, party and get crazy, we can rock out. If the room calls for something more mello, for background music ambience we can provide that as well.  We have full PA sound system.  Active live cover band available for booking. Read More.

Music Styles – See Current Setlists

This band enjoys performing well-known

  • Classic Rock
  • Reggae
  • Southern Rock
  • Contemporary Rock
  • Improvisational Rap
  • Funk
  • Blues & Blues Rock
  • Acoustic sets
  • Jam band musical improv
  • Lil’ Country / Americana
  • Fun song medleys

Classic songs with our own twist.



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Business Card

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Stashbox Information

Live Music Entertainment

Available for Booking
– Pool Sides, Parties, Bars, Private Events, Corporate Parties
– Festivals, Casinos, Resorts, Lounges, Cruises
– Based in South Florida, will travel with budget

The Band
Stashbox elevates the room to the next level whether its people chilling out by the pool or a rowdy group of drinkers ready to party and dance all night.

– Rock, Reggae, Blues, Rap, and a lil Country
– Exciting and inspiring improvisation
– 2 to 6 person band depending on gig
– 100+ well-known songs in repertoire
– Over 4+ energetic hours of show available
– Celebrity guests/friends often sit in with us
– We are flexible, each room and event is different
– Full Sublime Cover Set Available

Niche Sets upon request

  • Blues
  • Sublime
  • Rock
  • Reggae
  • Beatles
  • Country / Americana
  • Grateful Dead

Questions and Answers –>

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Potential bookers will call us on the phone to discuss event details to first see if we are a good fit, after that to hear about the budget, then we provide detail as to what we can provide for the budget. We have an optional world-class female vocalist, signed to label, on the radio singer who can often join us if there is room in our budget for her.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

We all have been playing music all our adult lives, and for our drummer thats a LONG TIME! Josh is a true artist, a sand sculpture artist, a mural painter and general ARTIST of a person. Dean is the same but in the digital production of music & video and the professional marketing space.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.

We have rough standard pricing depending on a variety of factors, like location, the month & day that show is occurring, the time, the length show, meal perks, and the specifics of the program of music desired. So we provide a rough estimate for our trio and four piece band. If our quote is too high and you are looking for a trio or duo, thats possible as well. That is why its good to have a basic friendly details discussion.

How did you get started doing this type of work?

All of us are music purists, thats why we’ve come together and have stuck together as a group is because our interest to be creative, improvisational, with adding our own flare and style to what we do. We have alot of pride in performing top top notch in ways that people didn’t expect to give people a memorable experience. We are chameleons to the room we play in.

Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

We are fond of the fact that so far all the places this group plays, we have been asked back for follow up shows and we are developing friendships with venue management and staff of the venues we repeat perform at. We have our own PA system so we setup shop in about an hour and we’re ready to go.  We REALLY enjoy our residency at Harbor Beach Marriott Resort in Fort Lauderdale located directly on the beach.  Great vibes, the mostly Jamaican outdoor staff LOVES us, they respect our Reggae, and everyone there is extremely supportive of us, and we are of them.  #RASTA!

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Know how much you want to spend, and be clear about it so as a provider of service that helps us understand what players we can bring to our show at your venue.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

— Figure out your budget.
— Then from there have a simple , straight forward, honest and realistic discussion about the event.
— Everything can easily get figured out from there.




Booking Contact
Dean Palermo
310.408.6687 EST