Reggae, Classic Rock, Fun Rap, lil Country, Blues, Classics, Jam, Slide leads

At the core we are classic quartet, drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitar.

Singer / Guitar – Josh Clyde
Singer / Guitar – Dean Palermo
Drums / Steve Martini
Bass / Eric Goerdt

Additional musicians include and is not limited to:
Bass – James Letts, Dave Davis, Flash Gordon
Drums – Lance Dominic
Keyboards / Vocals – Sonny Boy Williams, Cole Hoffman

We are prepared and ready RIGHT NOW, NOW is a great time to put this well practiced band to work.


We are interested in performing in places with crowds and venues that can that pay a fair band wage.  Sublime to Classic Reggae to Classic Rock cover songs, and some newer rock songs.  Because our singer can rap, we are able cover some more rap style songs as well, and be able to do all of this in a way that have fun with and dance to.

Our current primary gig is 1-2 Sunday afternoons per month at Harbor Beach Marriott on Fort Lauderdale Beach, we play by the pool, they had us do a big 4th of July dinner/pre-fireworks show, it went awesome. We have performed numerous times at Silverball Museum in Del Ray, currently, they are in construction on a stage right now actually so shows will be great there coming up. We are interested in gigs from Miami to West Palm Beach, we will travel away from Broward if its fair enough pay opportunity.

We read a room well and adjust our show around the audience. Sometimes its a younger crowd, sometimes its an older crowd, sometimes people want to drink and dance and other times people want to kick back and do their thing with some nice music. Just depends on gig and situation and we brighten the moment with some fun / sometimes funny versions of a lot of classic songs allowing our sarcastic, a bit silly personality to show through how we perform our shows.  We are flexible and adjust our shows based upon common sense room feedback and reading the audience.

Our youthful and energetic lead singer Josh brings soul, intensity and fun to wherever he goes, he identifies with younger audiences as well as the audiences of the classics. By day singer josh is the #1 south Florida Corporate Sand Logo / Sculpture artist. Part of our magic is our interaction with audience and our ability to add personalized-in-the-moment improvisation rap/singing/banter usually involving various audience members keep people engaged as well as mystified by his ability to flow in the moment. He gives us a fun band personality definitely, that we think is alluring and relevant enough to be asking if you are interested in assisting us with booking gigs.

The lead guitarist orchestrates the music and guides people through a really juicy classic songs and creative ways to cover songs. The band can really jam and elevate musical moments that people achieve at LARGE VENUE CONCERTS typically by well accomplished stud expert musicians. We are soulful and always look for those magical moments that is possible with live music performance. Dean worked for 15 years with Toots and the Maytals under the long time manager Mike Cacia. I also have an additional understudy guitarist, who is available for bigger stages/budget shows.

Steve Martini, The Local Floridian drummer has played drums for decades since he was a kid, who has played countless weddings, casinos, Hollywood band shell with prior bands. We’ve brought a big chunk of reggae to his repertoire.  He is a widely versatile drummer and brings solid tempo & energy as every drummer should.

Eric Goerdt is an amazing musician who plays guitar, drums and bass, he’s simply a wonderful feel player that can go anywhere the band goes on the fly.   He brings the professional bottom end that supports the singer & lead guitarists improvisations, and is in lock step with the drummer.

Our other bassists are Flash Gordon, Dave Davis, James Letts and when not touring the USA, Denny Hechevarria who is a back up for us is the primary bassist with very actively gigging nationally.  Dave Davis – absolute world-class stud natural musician and beautiful woman to look at on stage as well, and lastly sometimes Brian Jobson, (famous Jamaican family, his brother is Native Wayne from KROQ in LA (who broke Sublime), Brian literally works at Dave Stewarts studio (From actual Eurythmics!)

I have a few additional sometimes available incredible musicians for shows with budget, and their availability.

Singer Alana Davis – a Crazy incredible ‘seducer’ singer, who’s re-emerging with a new LA Label record coming out. (

Singing-drummer Squidly Cole, Jamaica Famous world touring drummer of Stephen Marley & Most Marley family gigs. Literally basically when he’s not playing at the largest festivals around the world with the Marleys, and he’s working on tracks in south Florida with me, when not on the road, we got’em, which is always a incredible night when we can have him even if just to sit in.

More rarely, Carl Harvey,  lead guitarist from Toots and the Maytals, if we catch him in town with an open night he has jammed with us a handful of times here in South Florida.

We have a keyboardist and conga player when need to add them on when there is budget for them. The keyboardist is also a professional studio engineer & pro sound man (and B-3 Owner).


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Our business cards have our demo video play on the business card via the PINTIO Augmented Reality mobile app. That blows venue managers away typically. (
Download PINTIO Android App and point at our card on website to see the AR.



Another marketing tactic and upsell at our disposal — Our Singer & Guitarist produce some of the coolest Sand Art of giant logos on the beach or 3D sand sculptures. Where we can produce that day of show at closest beach location the VENUE LOGO & Band Mention Sand art at crazy busy beach. (see examples: We did this for SilverBall Museum in Delray Beach on 4th of July at a city sand castle competition, we were the paid pros who did the biggest and best one.

We also have approx. 15 add’l Facebook pages with 1000 – 60000 likes on them.

Also we own and run the 60,000 likes Reggae.Land page where we promote our shows.

We are long time friends with Abebe Lewis Inner Circle Manager & owner of Circle House Studios in north miami.  We can share my gigs on Inner Circle’s Facebook Page (200,000 Likes) as well as Jacob Miller’s Facebook page ( 218,000 likes), I also work with TahitiCora on promotions, she’s a Hallendale model with 2.7 Million likes on her FB page.

We also produced the Stashbox mobile app for our band that you see on iTunes & Google Play, as well as apps for Big Mountain, Inner Circle, Jacob Miller etc.

We collected some cool testimonials I’d love for you to see from people like Jon Phillips (Owner of SilverBack Management in LA, Manager of like 10 big bands like Fishbone & Slightly Stoopid.)



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Our Latest EPK Video its about 11 Minutes montage of about 25+ songs

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